Worx Drills: A Guide to Their Battery Life, Features & Benefits

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Worx drills are a reliable and versatile choice for any heavy-duty or everyday drilling needs. With long-lasting batteries, multiple attachments and accessories, and a comfortable design, these drills are a convenient and efficient option for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.     Are you in the market for a new … Read more

Corded vs Cordless Drills, Which Should You Choose?

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Corded drills offer more power and consistency, making them ideal for heavy-duty tasks, but are limited by their cord, which can restrict mobility. Cordless drills offer greater mobility and quiet operation, but are limited by their power output and battery life.     Introduction In any home or construction environment, … Read more

How To Fix a Drill Press Chuck That Keeps Falling Off

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Why does your drill press chuck keep falling out? Your drill press chuck keeps falling out because of accumulated dirt in the drill press. Using the drill press incorrectly or wear and tear due to years of usage are other reasons your drill press chuck keeps falling out.     … Read more

Why Your Drill Chuck Won’t Tighten?

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Why your drill chuck won’t tighten? The reason your drill chuck won’t tighten is because the screw in your chuck is loose or you’re using the chuck incorrectly. Dirt in the drill or a rusty screw is another reason your drill chuck won’t tighten.     Loose screw The drill … Read more

Why Your Drill Bit Keeps Coming Loose?

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Why does my drill bit keep coming loose in the chuck? The reason your drill bit keeps coming loose in the chuck is because the drill bit isn’t properly secured before use, or your chuck is too worn out to hold the drill bit locked in. If your drill chuck … Read more

Why Your Drill Won’t Go Through The Wall?

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Why your drill won’t go through the wall? The reason your drill won’t go through the wall is that you’re drilling in the wrong rotation or the batteries in your drill are dying. Drilling with the wrong drill or when there’s a metal plate in the wall is another reason … Read more

How To Fix a Drill Press That Won’t Turn On (Stopped Working!)

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Why is my drill press not turning on? The reason your drill press isn’t turning on is because of a low line voltage that isn’t enough to power the drill press or your drill press isn’t properly plugged into the switch. A damaged switch that is not sending power to … Read more

Why Is My Drill Overheating?

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Why does my drill overheat? The reason your drill is overheating is because it’s using too much pressure and the ventilation vents are blocked. Mechanical problems, the drill is being used for a long period of time, worn-out brushes, and electrical problems are other reasons for your drill to overheat. … Read more

Why Does My Drill Smell Like It’s Burning?

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Why does my drill smell like it’s burning? The reason your drill smells like it’s burning is blocked ventilation vents, mechanical problems, and worn-out brushes. Other electrical problems, using too much pressure while operating the drill, and working long hours, can cause your drill to smell like it’s burning.   … Read more