Read This Before Buying a Portable Circular Saw Table

circular saw

A portable circular saw table is a versatile and convenient tool for woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts, allowing for easy transportation and a wide range of cutting tasks. Key features to look for include a riving knife, workbench compatibility, and ease of setup and portability.     Introduction to Portable Circular … Read more

How to Fix a Circular Saw that Won’t Turn On (Stopped Working!)

circular saw not turning on

Why is my circular saw not turning on? If your circular saw has stopped working and won’t turn on is because of a burned-out switch or damaged power cords/wires. If the circuit breaker has tripped, the arbor nuts have become loose, the carbon brushes have been worn-out, or the switch … Read more

Why Does My Circular Saw Keep Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

circular saw tripping breaker

Why does my circular saw keep tripping the breaker? Your circular saw keeps tripping the breaker due to a leakage or incorrect grounding or  bad circuit breaker. Worn carbon brushes, and faulty circular saw blade are other reasons why your circular saw keeps tripping the breaker.     What Causes … Read more

How To Fix a Circular Saw That Keeps Stopping?

circular saw

Why does my circular saw keep stopping? The reason why your circular saw keeps stopping is due to dull/broken blade, worn motor brushes, or frayed cord. Other reasons that could cause your circular saw to keep stopping is because of a loose arbor nut, a malfunctioned motor, a warped blade or … Read more