Festool Table Saw: Everything You Must Know Before Buying!

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Festool table saws offer a range of models and features, including the flagship TKS 80 with SawStop safety technology, the compact CS 70 and CS 50, and the versatile STM 1800 mobile sawing table. Festool table saws deliver precision, durability, and innovation for a variety of woodworking projects.     … Read more

What to Look for in a Table Saw (Read This Before Buying)

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When choosing a table saw, consider the type of saw, power, blade size, cutting capacity, fence and miter gauge quality, dust collection, safety features, ease of use, price, and additional features such as table extension and compatibility with accessories.     A table saw is a crucial woodworking tool that … Read more

How to Clean and Maintain a Cast Iron Table Saw (Complete Guide)

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To clean and maintain a cast iron table saw, remove dust and debris, scrape off buildup, remove rust and stubborn stains, wipe down the surface, apply protectant or paste wax, inspect and adjust the fence and blade alignment, lubricate moving parts, check the drive belt and motor, sharpen or replace … Read more

Why Does My Table Saw Burn Wood? Everything You Must Know

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Table saw burns on wood are commonly caused by dull blades, incorrect blade types, misaligned blades, improper feed rates, or incorrect blade height. Prevent burns by using the right blade, maintaining your blade, aligning the blade, regulating the feed rate, and setting the blade height. Follow the recommended techniques to … Read more

How to Fix a Table Saw Blade Stops When Touched

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A table saw blade may stop when touched due to a dull or damaged blade, an overheating motor, misaligned blade or arbor, or a loose or worn drive belt. Identifying the specific cause and taking appropriate steps to fix the issue will resolve the problem and ensure safe operation.   … Read more

What is a Good RPM for a Table Saw? Everything You Must Know!

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A good RPM for a table saw typically ranges between 3,000 to 5,000 RPM, depending on the saw type and material being cut. The ideal RPM ensures efficient cutting and safety during operation.     Table saws are essential tools in woodworking, used for cutting various materials with precision and … Read more

How to Make Finger Joints with a Table Saw (Step-by-Step)

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Finger joints, also known as box joints, are a popular woodworking technique for creating strong, interlocking corners in boxes, drawers, and other woodworking projects. In this article, we’ll cover how to make finger joints using a table saw.     Materials and Tools Here’s what you’ll need to make finger … Read more

Why Does My Table Saw Blade Wobble and How to Fix It (Step-by-Step)

Fix a wobbly table saw blade by identifying the cause, such as a loose arbor nut, warped or damaged blade, worn or damaged arbor bearings, unbalanced blade, misaligned arbor or blade flange, or a bent or damaged arbor shaft.      Table saws are essential tools for woodworkers, but a … Read more

How to Prevent Kickback on a Table Saw (Ultimate Guide)

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Learn how to prevent kickback on a table saw with essential safety tips and techniques, including using a riving knife, proper blade height, and avoiding using the fence and miter gauge simultaneously.     Table saw kickback is a dangerous and common hazard that woodworkers face when using a table … Read more

How to Use a Miter Gauge on a Table Saw (Ultimate Guide)

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To use a miter gauge on a table saw, inspect and secure the miter gauge, adjust the angle, position the workpiece, start the table saw, make the cut, and turn off the table saw. Follow safety guidelines and use the miter gauge for both straight and angled cuts.     … Read more