How to Fix a Window that Keeps Sliding Down (Won’t Stay Up)?

window stuck

Why your window keeps sliding down and won’t stay up? Your window keeps sliding down and won’t stay up because either one or both of the window balances have fallen loose from the sash or the balances are still connected but not working properly. A bad or dirty window frame … Read more

Why Your Stud Finder Keeps Saying AC?

stud finder ac

Why you’re your stud finder keeps saying AC? The reason your stud finder keeps saying AC is because of an error with the calibration or there’s something unusual in the wall. Your stud finder malfunctioning or the battery is too weak is another reason your stud finder keeps saying AC. … Read more

Why Does My Light Switch Keep Tripping The Circuit Breaker?

light switch tripping breaker

Why does my light switch keep tripping the breaker? Your light switch keeps tripping the breaker because of a loose wiring connection or a ground fault. A faulty light fixture, a faulty light switch, or damaged wiring is another reason your light switch keeps tripping the breaker.     Loose … Read more

Why Won’t My Anchors Go Into the Dry Wall?

anchor wont go into wall

Why won’t my anchors go into the drywall? Your anchors won’t go into the drywall because of the improper anchor installation that won’t give your anchor the ability to stay or a wrong wall with either plastic or lathe in the way. A weak wall that can’t take in an … Read more

Why is My Door Locking by Itself?

door locking itself

Why is my bedroom door locking by itself? The reason your bedroom door is locking by itself is because the door lock is dry or dirty, a misaligned lock, and a frozen door mechanism. Another reason your bedroom door locks by itself is a broken key in the lock.   … Read more

How to Tighten a Bolt That Keeps Spinning?

bolt spinning

Why do bolts spin when you try to tighten them? The reason your bolt is spinning when trying to tighten it is because your bolt is too narrow for the hole, a stuck nut, and use of incorrect tools. Debris in the hole and a stripped thread are other reasons … Read more