Is It Worth Getting a Variable Speed Angle Grinder?

Variable speed angle grinders offer improved control and precision over traditional angle grinders. With its ability to adjust the speed to match specific applications and materials, and additional features like the adjustable guard and lock-on switch, a variable speed angle grinder is a valuable tool for both professionals and DIY … Read more

Why is My Angle Grinder Running Slow?

angle grinder running slow

Why is my angle grinder is running slow? Your grinder is running slow because you are using the wrong disk or your disk is unbalanced. A worn carbon brush or a low pressure are other reasons your grinder is running slow.     Wrong or unbalanced disk An angle grinder … Read more

Why Does My Angle Grinder Keep Tripping The Circuit Breaker?

angle grinder tripping breaker

Why does my angle grinder keep tripping the breaker? Your angle grinder keeps tripping the breaker because of an armature shorting out or worn-out carbon brushes. A power cord that shorts out or a short outfield is another reason your angle grinder keeps tripping the breaker.     Short out … Read more

How to fix a bench grinder that won’t turn on (stopped working!)

bench grinder not working

Why is my bench grinder not turning on? The reason your bench grinder is not turning on is because of a broken or burned-out power cord that needs to be replaced, a broken switch that can happen that isn’t turning on, or a damaged capacitor if it’s cooked. A worn-out … Read more