How to Fix a Nail Gun That Isn’t Firing, Shooting or Sinking Nails?

Why is my nail gun not firing?

The reason your nail gun is not firing is because the gun has lost pressure due to air leakage which is commonly caused by worn out o-rings. A damaged trigger valve can also cause air to leak out which will prevent your nail gun from firing.

nail gun not firing


Air leakage

Pneumatic power, or compressed gas, is a common component of nail guns that creates pressure to strike the nail with the hammer and drive it into the surface. The following lists some of the more frequent issues with nail guns:

Exhaust vent at the heads leaking air

The most frequent cause of an air leak through the exhaust vent or the rear exhaust port is worn O-rings that are located around the head valve or seal at the top of the cylinder.

Generally, O-rings are made of rubber or a synthetic rubber and are used to seal off the area surrounding the head valve in order to keep air out while yet allowing the cylinder to function correctly.

Leakage of air through the trigger

One of the main cause can be damaged trigger valve if you detect air leaking around the trigger. Typically, this occurs as a result of the wear and tear brought on by repeatedly pulling the trigger.


How to fix a nail gun that is not shooting?

To fix a nail gun that is not shooting, you will need to remove the jammed nails by removed the fastener and ensuring you are using the correct nails and the correct air pressure is applied.

Removing jammed fasteners

Ensure there are no fasteners creating a mechanism jam by removing the batteries and the magazine. If a fastener appears to be stuck, take it out and carefully raise blade of the driver. Then reinstall the magazine and battery.

Verifying your nails

Nails loaded with the incorrect length, gauge, angle, or collation type for the magazine frequently cause jams, so clear them.

Checking air pressure

The trigger’s ability to drive the nails down will be affected if it is leaking air. Due to a lack of air pressure, they might not dive deep enough. So make it sure that there is sufficient air pressure.


Why does my nail gun not sink nails all the way?

If your nail gun is not sinking nails all the way through, then the air pressure must have fluctuated. The nail’s ability to penetrate a surface is influenced by air pressure. A few modifications should fix the issue if your nail gun isn’t sinking nails.

  • The pressure gauge should be adjusted to 80 to 90 pounds per square inch (psi) after starting the air compressor.
  • A hose for air should be attached to the compressor’s side nozzle.
  • Three drops of nail gun oil should be added to the air connector on the end for lubrication. After loading the nail gun’s magazine with a rack of nails, join the hose to the air connector.
  • Wear protective eyewear. The nailer’s tip should be pressed to the wood before the trigger is pulled. Test the nailer again after fully clockwise-turning the rotary knob on the side of the nailer head just above the tip, if the nail doesn’t sink until the head of the nail is flush. Till the nailer is properly sinking nails, keep testing and turning the knob.
  • If rotating the nailer knob doesn’t completely sink the nails, raising the air pressure on the air compressor pressure gauge by 5 psi at a time can work. The issue will be resolved by using both the nailer’s adjustment and more air pressure.


Why is my nail gun bending nails?

If your nail gun is bending the nails is it due to the lack of driving force caused by a lack of lubrication or damaged O-rings. Cleaning the inside of the tool, installing the proper 0-rings, and using new O-ring lubrication are the best ways to fix poor driving power.

Besides this, the other reasons may be apparent wear at the tip of the driver. If it appears to be in good condition, then it most likely is.

Furthermore, check the driver piston assembly to see if the piston’s driver threads have become loose. Apart from this, defective fasteners, incorrect collation angles, and the incorrect fastener for the operation can led to bending of nails.


How to fix a Dewalt nail gun that is not firing?

 Your Dewalt nail gun is not firing due to pressure loss because of  air leakage which is commonly caused by worn out o-rings. A damaged trigger valve can also cause air to leak out which will prevent your Dewalt nail gun from firing.

  1. Make sure that the battery of your DeWalt nail gun has been freshly charged before doing any troubleshooting.
  2. Clean your DeWalt nail gun thoroughly as it gathers dust and debris over time, which can impair their functionality. Cleaning the entire rifle, and spending special time on the nosepiece and magazine can help you fix the issue as these are the two spots most likely to be damaged by debris and dust.
  3. Look over your fasteners to make sure that they are the right size for your nail gun. Use only the nails (fasteners) that DeWalt has approved.
  4. Replace your gun’s magazine if it is worn out or broken. Contact DeWalt, they will replace it if you are still experiencing jams and misfeeds after thorough cleansing.
  5. Check for any fasteners that could jam the mechanism before removing the battery and magazine. If a fastener appears to be stuck, take it out and manually raise the driver blade. Reinstall the battery and the magazine.


How to fix a Paslode nail gun that is not Firing?

To fix a Paslode nail gun that is not firing, you can take things apart to check how they work and maybe there is something broken inside. So, let’s discover the causes first:

  1. Trigger of Paslode nail gun is malfunctioning
  2. Lever has broken
  3. There might be something wrong with the piston or the Spark plug
  4. Nails have jammed
  5. Nailers have gathered dust and debris

So, let’s take things apart to detect the issues and fix them.

  1. Make sure to take fuel cell out of it.
  2. Take out the battery pack and the nails.
  3. Verify that there are no nails stuck in there. Empty out your nails.
  4. Verify that there is no more fuel in there.
  5. Grab your Allen wrench and open up the back of your nail gun.
  6. Get the grid of and make sure that that’s clean.
  7. Unplug the spark plug (red wire) and the power plug (black wire) to move them to a side.
  8. Twist 1/8th of a turn to take the whole fan assembly, and avoid any damage to it.
  9. You can also have a look at the piston to verify that it is all the way up at the top.
  10. Spray a Carburetor cleaner to remove sawdust. And again spray it on Spark plug that way if there’s any carbon build-up, the carburetor cleaner will clean that off as well.
  11. Put the whole fan assembly back, fit the red and black wires, reinstall your back cap, and screw it all in.
  12. Verify that your container is within its date, feels full, line it up and make sure that white nozzle lines up where that opening is for that valve and lock it in place.
  13. Slide in your nails.
  14. Finally install your battery.


How to fix a Bostitch nail gun that that is not firing?

A Bostitch nail gun that is not firing can be fixed by checking pneumatic nailers. For a Bostitch pneumatic nailer to work effectively, requires a precise operating air pressure, and frequent use increases the risk of air leakage. Before sending the nailer in for repair, you can address leaks and other minor issues.

  1. If air is leaking from the frame or nose, then tighten the nose screws until they are snug and replace the O-ring or gasket. Before reassembling the nailer, lubricate all of the O-rings with Parker “O” Lube. Before checking the gun, add a few drops of Bostich Air Tool Lubricant to the fitting for the air line.
  2. If your nail gun doesn’t cycle, lubricate it by injecting oil through the air line connector, or replace the cap spring. Before reassembling the nail gun, oil all moving parts and disassemble it to check if the head valve is jammed in the cap. To make sure there isn’t a constraint causing the gun to malfunction, check your air supply equipment.
  3. Check whether your drive channel is worn and your nail gun jams because the nails are the wrong size for this tool, replace the nose as well. In the canister, adjust the nail platform so that it is configured for the nails you intend to use.
  4. If there is air leakage either from the valve housing or stem, replace the trigger valve assembly and the O-ring. Before putting the gun back together, lubricate your O-rings.


How to fix a Porter Cable nail gun that is not firing?

To fix a Porter Cable nail gun that is not firing you should verify O-rings. The O-rings in the gun may have become worn down from excessive pressure and high forces, allowing air to leak from them. So if your nail gun leaks from the head, trigger, or nose, you will need to install an overhaul kit.

Instead of installing an overhaul kit, use a driver maintenance kit if your nail gun has a broken driver rather than an air leak. Nevertheless, in both cases, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Breakdown the gun by removing the nail gun head, magazine, nose piece, cylinder assembly, and piston and the bumper.
  2. Laying out all the O-rings from the kit before you start replacing them is helpful when repairing the Piston, Head, and Nose.
  3. While repairing them, swap out each of the worn-out O-rings and brush the new ones with a thin layer of grease.


How to fix a Milwaukee nail gun that is not firing?

Your Milwaukee nail gun that is not firing can be due to jammed nailers. To fix it, try to reload the nailers as they might get stuck inside. Or try to use a new battery if it is not firing. If it still doesn’t work, then try dry firing. For that,

  1. Unload the nail gun entirely first.
  2. Install a brand-new set of batteries, if you haven’t previously done so.
  3. Hold the nails in one hand, retract the slide.
  4. Make sure your fingers are entirely free while lowering the safety nose with your other hand.
  5. Try to dry fire the gun now.


How to fix a Senco nail gun that is not firing?

To fix a Senco nail gun that is not firing, have a look at length, gauge, or angle for the magazine of the nails, as any error can stop the nail gun from firing. For the finest performance, you must always use Senco-branded fasteners. Always make sure the length is adequate for the type of model you have.

Follow these steps if your Senco nail gun is not firing:

  1. Go through the magazine for a stuck nail.
  2. Your nail gun is probably not getting enough power if it only fires sometimes or not at all. Before utilizing a cordless nail gun, the battery needs to be charged for roughly an hour. Get a replacement battery from a Senco dealer if the original is defective.
  3. There could be dirt and sludge clogging the magazine if the gun is firing but the fasteners are not moving, so cleaning it can fix the issue.