How to Fix a Brad Nailer That Keeps Jamming?

Why does my brad nailer keep jamming?

The reason your bard nailer keeps jamming and isn’t working correctly is due to leaked air, a disrupted cylinder spring, and stuck brad nails.

Other reasons that may cause a brad nailer to jam:

  • Wrongly fed nails
  • A loose fastener
  • Greasy tool
  • Old seals and o-rings
  • Dirty magazine
  • Incorrect size of the nails
  • Fewer fasteners


brad nailer jamming


Why does your brad nailer have a loss of air pressure?

A brad nailer works properly by holding air pressure at a specific level, without which it becomes difficult for it to work correctly.

When the air pressure is not up to the mark, it leads to the failure of the machine to work appropriately without jamming.

Sometimes the air pressure leaks continuously because of mishandling without your notice. You must check for the leaked air almost every time before operating it.


How do the cylinder springs get damaged?

The main cylinder springs are the crucial part of the brad nailer, which might create trouble if they are not accurately working or are damaged.

The continuous use causes the cylinder springs to damage with time if they are not regularly checked and changed.

The speed issues and jamming of the brad nailer may be because of the impaired cylinder springs.


Why are your brad nails obstructed?

Brad nails used in the brad nailer are the main component; however, they may get jammed, causing a disturbance in the functioning.

The two main reasons that make a brad nail obstructed include a faulty brad gauge and a problematic magazine spring.

The magazine spring may become damaged or loose because of prolonged usage. Sometimes a bad quality or mismatched brad gauge leads to problems in the functioning of the brad nailer.


Wrongly fed nails

Incorrectly fed nails can cause the brad nailer to jam and not work fluently. It makes it difficult for easy cycling of the tool, thus causing problems. You can resolve this issue within no time by applying simple steps.


Greasy and dirty magazine

A dirty magazine can cause the brad nailer to jam, which causes a problem with feeding the nails. The magazine must be checked because it may accumulate dirt and grease, especially over the work sites.

You must keep the magazine clean to reduce the chances of the brad nailer getting jammed. While cleaning the magazine, you must focus on the problematic areas in moving back and forth quickly.


Incorrect size of the nails

Each magazine works with a specific size of nails; putting nails of the wrong length, angle, or gauge according to the type and size of the magazine can make it difficult for the brad nailer to work.

It is a common mistake made by those using the brad nailer for the first time. If you are having issues with jamming, you need to check if you have put the right nails.


Fewer fasteners left behind

The magazine needs to be filled with fasteners to avoid problems in the machine’s working. Some brad nailers do not work if the magazine is half-filled or has less number of fasteners left behind.

This function helps prevent dry firing, which may cause severe damage to the parts of the brad tool.


How to fix a brad nailer that keeps jamming?

You can apply various steps on your jammed brad nailer to make it work properly, including fixing the air pressure, changing the old seals and o-rings, cleaning it, checking the fastener, and correctly fitting the nail.

How to fix the air pressure?

If you discover leaked air, causing the loss of air pressure in the brad nailer, here are some steps to follow to fix the air pressure.

  1. Release the air pressure before you open the brad nailer. It is a crucial step because if you handle it without releasing the air pressure, it can cause injuries with a sudden release of air pressure.
  2. After releasing the air, remove the nails and check the internal parts using your visuals.
  3. If there are any loose bolts or a damaged trigger area, further check along with the nose of the nailer to see if it is damaged. These are the common reasons for the loss of air pressure.
  4. If you notice any loose bolts, then tighten it. Otherwise, you should go to fix the damaged area along with the nose of the nailer.


How to check for damaged cylinder springs?

Sometimes your brad machine needs to be checked for the damaged cylinder springs to help fix your jamming brad nailer. Look at these steps for resolving this issue:

  1. Open it by removing the nails
  2. Check out whether the cylinder springs are dried out or wholly damaged.
  3. For the dried-out cylinder springs, you need to oil them properly. Because a dried-out cylinder spring does not work with a speed, causing the jamming problem.
  4. However, if your problem is not fixed after oiling the cylinder springs, you should replace them with new ones.


How to resolve the jammed brad nails problem?

If your brad nailer is not working because of the jammed or damaged nails, then you can check out the problem with the following steps:

  1. Remove the nails to unplug the hose.
  2. Use a 2.5mm hex key to open the bolt at the end of the magazine.
  3. Hold the nail follower in place and slowly remove the magazine.
  4. Remove the nail follower, which will allow you to extend the indicator and spring.
  5. If you see three indentations on the nail follower’s face, punch them to increase their depth.
  6. Place the nails back after assembling the parts.


How do I get a brad nail out that is stuck?

There are several reasons a nail can get stuck in a brad nailer: the most prominent ones include the fast working, the nail hitting a hard object, and the nail getting caught in the magazine.

You can notice your brad nail stuck when the machine does not fire the nail or create a weird sound. Avoid using the brad nailer when a nail is stuck because it might cause injury to you.

Open the magazine and find out which nail is stuck. You can remove the nail using pliers easily.


Why is my brad nailer stuck?

There are a few reasons that can cause a brad nailer to become stuck, including a stuck nail, damaged magazine spring, or the disconnection of power.

Before trying anything to make it work, you must remove the power supply from the socket, or else you might hurt yourself badly.

You can fix the stuck brad nailer by removing the stuck nail from the magazine, checking if the power supply is damaged or not connected, and replacing or oiling the magazine spring.


How to fix a Bostitch brad nailer that keeps jamming?

The Bostitch brad nailer can get jammed for many reasons, including a worn driver channel, mismatched fasteners, loose magazine, and faulty driver.

While fixing a Bostitch brad nailer, you must be very careful; if you try to use it while it’s jammed, you can harm your hands.

Here are some steps you can follow for fixing the Bostitch brad nailer:

  1. Disconnect the machine from the power supply.
  2. Take off the nozzle to check out deeply.
  3. Disassemble the nozzle and take out the nails.
  4. Check if the hammer is in its place; if not, fix it to its proper location.

The hammer inside the Bostitch brad nailer is sometimes stuck in the wrong position making your machine jam.


How to fix a Dewalt brad nailer that keeps jamming?

A Dewalt brad nailer can get jammed for multiple reasons, including a dried spring, a half-filled magazine, and a discharged battery.

You can try to charge the battery fully and check if the machine starts working. The second option is to change, clean, or oil the spring to make it functional in case it’s not. Filling the magazine can also help to clear the jam.

Try out these steps, too, if your problem does not fix:

  1. Open it, clean the parts, and oil them if necessary.
  2. Check if you use appropriate fasteners that fit with the Dewalt brad nailer.
  3. If the magazine does not works properly even after cleaning and oiling, you can change it to fix the jam.
  4. Look for the depth adjustment, which can affect the working of the Dewalt brad nailer.


How to fix a Craftsman brad nailer that keeps jamming?

A Craftsman brad nailer that keeps jamming may have issues with the worn-out spring, greasy tools, and a stuck nail.

Before starting any procedure, disconnect the power supply to avoid any harm to you and the machine.

 You can follow these steps to resolve the problem with your Craftsman brad nailer:

  1. Remove the nails and clean the dirt inside.
  2. Take out the magazine, and check if there is any jammed nail.
  3. Use pliers to remove the jammed nail.
  4. Reassemble the parts of Craftsman brad nailer and try if it works.