How To Fix a Miter Saw That Won’t Turn On (Stopped Working!)

Why is My Miter Saw Not Turning On?

The reason for a miter saw to have stopped working and not turning on is because of  a damaged switch, worn-out carbon brushes, or an inoperative armature. An overheated blade, a blown motor, a missing safety button, excessive sawdust overloading the motor or batteries may need replacement are other reasons that could cause a miter saw not to turn.


Miter saw not turning on

What Causes a Miter Saw Switch to Fail?

A damaged switch could be a reason why your miter saw won’t turn on. A switch is a crucial component of a miter saw. When the switch is turned on, electricity will be passed to the motor.

Using a miter saw in a damp environment could damage the switch. If the miter saw switch comes into contact with any moisture or water, it may become short-circuited.

An unbalanced power supply is another cause of a miter saw switch to fail. To avoid any harm to your power tool, you must maintain an accurate electricity output level.


When to Replace Miter Saw Brushes?

A damaged brush could be the reason for your miter saw to stop working. The most frequently replaced component on a miter saw is the brushes. The brush’s function is to make contact with the commutator and transfer power from the wiring onto the spinning motor.

Over time, these brushes will wear down from friction and eventually wear out, resulting in power being sent to the motor erratically. If your saw is not producing enough power or if it is losing its power, there’s a chance that your brushes are to blame.


Why your Miter Saw Blade is Overheating?

The miter saw’s blade overheating can also cause your miter saw to stop working. It is also one of the most common problems encountered.

Due to continuous usage, the blade of your miter saw may begin to overheat. This overheating might lead to a variety of problems, including permanent damage to your miter saw.


An Inoperative Armature

An armature that is not working can be the reason for your miter saw electric motor not powering up.

The armature is one of the components that ensure your miter saw performs properly, so it can cut bevel crosscuts with precision and accuracy.

The armature in a miter saw is primarily used to connect DC and Universal (AC and DC) motors with the brushes and commutator. The miter saw’s armature is designed to produce a continuous magnetic field.


A Blown Motor

A blown motor due to excessive use can cause your miter saw to stop working.

As a motor is one of the most important parts of a miter saw so heavy usage over time can cause it to stop functioning.


Missing Safety Button

Some miter saws have a safety button that must be installed in order for the power switch to turn on.

Your miter saw will not turn on if this safety button is broken, missing, or not fully inserted. A new safety switch may fix the problem.


Excessive Sawdust Overloading Motor

Another possible reason why your miter saw has stopped working is due to sawdust accumulating on the motor.

This sawdust accumulation may act as a load when you try to turn it on.


How to Fix a Miter Saw That’s Not Turning On

There are several steps you can do to fix a miter saw that’s not working, these include fixing the switch, replacing a brush, fixing an armature, cleaning the sawdust, adding the safety button or fixing the wires in the cord.

How to Fix a Miter Saw Switch?

To determine whether you have a fault miter saw switch and need to fix it you will need to:

  1. Remove the top section of the handle where the switch is located to access it.
  2. Remove the switch from the handle and remove the wires. Set your multimeter to an ohmmeter mode to tell if a switch is broken.
  3. Connect the leads of the ohmmeter to each lead on the switch.
  4. If the switch is in the ON position, the ohmmeter should provide a reading. If there is no reading then the switch is defective and will need to be replaced.


How to Replace a Miter Saw Brush?

Miter saw brushes can often be replaced in a matter of minutes with only a few basic tools. Here are the steps to replace a miter saw brush:

  1. Remove the motor end cap
  2. You will be able to see the commutator, check this for any signs of damage or debris
  3. Remove the black plastic cap and pull out the brush. Repeat this on both sides.
  4. You will be able to see if the brush looks worn out and needs to be replaced
  5. Insert the new brush and put the caps back in order


How to Fix a Miter Saw Armature?

Miter Saw Armatures will need to be inspected to determine if they need to be replaced. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Remove the motor’s end cap, slide the tension springs over, and pull out the brushes.
  2. Remove the belt cover and walk off of the pulleys.
  3. Some models will have screws that lock a sliding bracket in place – just loosen these screws.
  4. At the back, loosen the belt tensioning screw.
  5. Remove the belt.
  6. Remove the dust bag bracket.
  7. To release the lower armature bearing from the housing, tap on the end with a rubber mallet, or brass hammer. It’s not recommended to hit it with a regular hammer because this will harm the armature.
  8. Inspect the armature. If the armature is dirty, it can only be cleaned using an electrical contact cleaner and dry cloth.
  9. If you find any burn marks at this time, it’s an indication of excessive sparking, which might lead to overheating and the armature burning out. Look for melted insulation on the windings as well. Any of these indications warrant replacing the armature.


Why is my Dewalt miter saw not working?

The reason why your Dewalt miter saw has stopped working is because of a worn-out brush or a dirty commutator.

Disconnect the tool and remove one brush at a time, noting the condition and length of each. Look into the brush tube with a flashlight for any blockages or flaws in the commutator. Blow it out with compressed air and try turning the brushes 180 degrees and try again.

If the Dewalt miter saw still won’t turn on, check that the blade is not out of alignment. If the blade clamping nut comes loose, the blade will freewheel on the arbor after the engine has stopped. It can damage the arbor, so take care of it as soon as possible.


Why is my Ryobi miter saw not working?

If your miter saw blade is not aligned correctly and has become loose, could the be the reason your Ryobi miter saw is not working. Completely remove the blade and place it back in, ensuring you tighten the locknut, this may of happened due to the blade not being installed in the first place correctly.

Another possible reason why your Ryobi miter saw won’t turn on is an armature problem. If you notice a fuse has blown, it’s possible that one of the field coils has gone open circuit. An armature problem might have caused the issue in the first place. You’ll need to remove the tool and inspect both armature and field coils with a multimeter. Check for broken windings using a multimeter.


Why is my Makita miter saw not working?

A bad switch could be the reason your Makita miter saw has stopped working. Check to see whether your outlet is hot. Once you’ve confirmed that the saw’s plug is receiving electricity, check to see whether there are any breaks in the cord. Check for power at the switch if there is power at the switch but not turning on; it’s probably broken.


Why is my Bosch miter saw not working?

A common reason your Bosch miter saw is not working is an intermittent at the switch, which can be fixed by taking it apart and cleaning it.

Bottom access is provided by tilting the motor / blade assembly. The 3 screws that secure the controller circuit board cover on the brush end of the motor can be accessed from below.  Next test for power supply, check that brushes are in contact, and clean up any sawdust accumulated therefrom.


Why is my Hitachi miter saw not working?

If your Hitachi miter saw won’t turn on and has stopped working, it might be due to a misaligned miter saw blade that has become loose. Remove the blade and re-install it properly, tightening the locknut as necessary. This may have occurred if the blade was not installed in the first place correctly.

Another possible reason your Hitachi miter saw isn’t turning on is due to an intermittent at the switch, which can be remedied by cleaning it.


Why is my Craftsman miter saw not working?

If your Craftsman miter saw won’t start up and has stopped operating, the most common reason is that the miter saw blade is misaligned and has become loose. Remove the blade and re-install it correctly, tightening the locknut as needed. This may have happened if the blade was not installed properly to begin with.

Another possible reason is that the switch is defective, which can be remedied by cleaning it.