How to Fix a Circular Saw that Won’t Turn On (Stopped Working!)

Why is my circular saw not turning on?

If your circular saw has stopped working and won’t turn on is because of a burned-out switch or damaged power cords/wires. If the circuit breaker has tripped, the arbor nuts have become loose, the carbon brushes have been worn-out, or the switch is dirty, are other reasons for your circular saw not to switch on.


circular saw not turning on


When Do You Need to Replace Your Circular Saw Switch?

One of the most common reasons why your circular saw does not turn on is due to a burned-out switch. Your circular saw might have experienced excessive overheating, which burned the contacts inside the switch. Since the switch prompts electricity to the motor, a burned-out switch prevents any operation of your circular saw.


What Causes a Circular Saw to Trip a Circuit Breaker?

A circuit breaker shuts itself off to avoid heating the wiring and prevent any fire. The reason why your circular saw trips the circuit breaker is overflowing electricity, an issue with the circular saw or the wiring.

It is best to inspect before doing anything to avoid any potential electrical hazards.


Damaged Power Cord or Wire

Without a power cord, any circular saw can’t operate. But most often, the power cord gets damaged due to excessive current flow, age, or heavy usage.

The power cord should be checked from time to time to prevent any electrocution, electrical shock, and even fire.


Loose Arbor Nuts

Loose arbor nuts might be the reason why your circular saw is not working. It could be because the arbor nut or thread is worn out, the blade is improperly seated which stops the arbor nut from locking, or there is an excessive vibration.


Worn Carbon Brushes

Another reason why your circular saw might not be working is because of the worn carbon brushes. Carbon brushes are an important part of the motor of a circular saw because it completes electrical contact with the commutator. Once the brushes are tattered, the motor wont’ likely operate.


Dirty Switch

A simple dirty switch might be the cause of why you can’t use your circular saw. Most frequently, the switch is full of dust and just needs to be cleaned.


How to fix a circular saw that’s not turning on?

There are many ways to fix your circular saw that is not turning on, mainly by tightening the arbor nut, replacing the burnt switch, or changing the worn carbon brushes.


How to Tighten the Circular Saw Arbor Nut?

Sometimes, the only fix that you need is to secure the circular saw arbor nut. To do this simply:

  1. Check if the motor’s bolts are loose.
  2. Unplug the circular saw.
  3. Tighten the arbor nut by using a blade wrench.
  4. Turn the bolt counterclockwise if you have a right-handed circular saw; turn clockwise if you have a left-handed circular saw.
  5. Check the clutch from time to time and make sure it is secured properly.
  6. Be sure not to excessively tighten the clutch


How to Replace the Burnt Circular Saw Switch?

The burnt circular saw switch can’t be used and the only option that you have is to replace them. Here are the steps to replace a circular saw switch:

  1. Remove the one-half of the pistol grip handle.
  2. Take off the two big screws at the top of the handle.
  3. Separate the handle into two.
  4. Unfasten the screw that connects the switch to the housing.
  5. Pull the switch away from the housing.
  6. Remember each wire location.
  7. Disengage them from the old switch.
  8. Test the new switch using the multimeter.
  9. Install the new switch by placing the wires in each wire location.
  10. Fit the new switch to the housing.
  11. Place the screw to secure it.
  12. Make sure all the wires are properly inside the handle.
  13. Re-attach the handle and fasten it with the screws.


How to Change the Worn Circular Saw Carbon Brushes?

Circular saw carbon brushes are needed to be checked if they are worn out and eventually will need some replacement. To replace carbon brushes, do the following steps:

  1. Unscrew the brush cap.
  2. Grab the spring and wire lead.
  3. Pull the brush away from the motor.
  4. Insert the new brush, followed by the spring.
  5. Push the new brush and spring to the brush holder.
  6. Hold in place and put the brush cap.
  7. Screw the brush cap back to secure.


Why is my Dewalt circular saw not working?

An impaired field might be the reason why your Dewalt circular saw is not turning on. To fix a Dewalt circular saw that is not working:

  1. Remove half of the handle, the motor cap, and the motor brushes using the screwdriver.
  2. Disengage the screws that put together the motor housing and handle.
  3. Separate the motor housing from the blade housing.
  4. Then, remove the inner ring from the housing and remember each wire location on the field.
  5. Remove the wires and take off the two screws that attach the field to the housing.
  6. Remove the old field.
  7. Use a multimeter to check the condition of the new field.
  8. When everything is okay and working, install the new field.
  9. Attach the field with the screws.
  10. Turn the housing over and press the brush housing securely into the new field.
  11. Re-attach the wires to their respective wire locations on the field.
  12. Put back the inner ring and the motor housing into the armature.
  13. Fasten the motor housing with the screws and the lower handle.
  14. Lastly, reattach the upper handle, motor brushes, and motor cap.


Why is my Ryobi circular saw not working?

A Ryobi circular saw might not be turning on due to an old battery or burnt motor. Here are the steps to fix a Ryobi circular saw that is not working:

  1. Click the button on the base of the Ryobi circular saw
  2. Install the new battery.
  3. Be sure to inspect the cord and leads for any damage or scars. If there is any damage, it needs to be replaced.
  4. Loosen the screws using a screwdriver to open up the circular saw.
  5. Take the gear housing off.
  6. De-solder the wires attached to the motor.
  7. Unfasten the two screws that hold the gearbox to the motor.
  8. Attach the new motor to the gearbox by securing it with the two screws.
  9. Fit in the new motor and secure it with screws and then re-soldered the wires to the motor.
  10. Put back the gear housing on by attaching the screws.


Why is my Makita circular saw not working?

Your Makita circular saw might not start because of failed motor brushes or unfit clutch bolts. The following are the steps to fix your Makita circular saw that is not turning on:

  1. Unscrew the brush caps and pop out the motor brushes.
  2. In case the brushes are stuck and you can’t pull them off, try to pull the cover at the back side of the Makita circular saw.
  3. Shake the brush holder to which the motor brushes are attached to.
  4. From that, you can push the brushes to the other side to pull it off.
  5. Try to check if the arbor nut is loose and if it is, secure it with a blade wrench.
  6. Make sure you don’t overdo it.


Why is my Bosch circular saw not working?

Your Bosch circular saw is not turning on due to a dead battery, bad carbon brushes, or a bad trigger. Here are the steps to fix your Bosch circular saw that doesn’t turn on:

  1. Try to recharge the battery and check if the battery is well-connected to the Bosch circular saw.
  2. Look out for any defect in the connections inside the saw.
  3. Check the carbon brushes by popping off the brush caps.
  4. Pull the motor brushes out and see if they are worn
  5. Replace them with new motor brushes.
  6. Open up the trigger or switch and see any sawdust or burn.
  7. Clean the switch from any sawdust and dirt.
  8. If the contacts inside are burnt, replace them.


Why is my Hitachi circular saw not working?

The reason why your Hitachi circular saw is not working is due to a defective field, overheated motor, or worn motor brushes. The following are the steps to fix your Hitachi circular saw that won’t turn on:

  1. Unfasten the screws that secure the gear casing.
  2. Remove the gear casing from the blade.
  3. Clean any sawdust present in the parts.
  4. Check the field using the multimeter.
  5. If it is defective, install a new field.
  6. Unplug the Hitachi circular saw and check the motor.
  7. Open up the circular saw and replace the motor if it is overheated.
  8. Inspect the motor brushes by unscrewing the brush caps.
  9. Pull the motor brushes out. If the motor brushes are worn down, it is best to replace them.
  10. If the brush holder is broken, make a hole on the motor casing so motor brushes accept the brushes.


Why is my Milwaukee circular saw not working?

An over-tighten blade or burnt-out motors might be the reason why your Milwaukee circular saw is not working. To fix your Milwaukee circular saw that is not working, here are the following steps:

  1. Determine if the clutch bolt attached to the blade is too tight and try to loosen it a bit by using a blade wrench.
  2. Check the motors by opening up the Milwaukee circular saw.
  3. In case the motor is burnt-out, there is a need to change it.
  4. Consider checking the switch too and see if the contacts are burnt.
  5. Replace any parts that are burned out.


Why is my Craftsman circular saw not working?

A defective power cord, fried switch contacts or bad motor brushes are some of the reasons why your Craftsman circular saw is not starting. Here are the steps to fix a Craftsman circular saw that is not turning on:

  1. Check the power cord for any damage and if it is defective, replace it.
  2. Inspect if the interior wire near the plug is damaged by wiggling the cord near that area.
  3. Replace the plug if it is damaged.
  4. See if the switch is either burned out or just dirty.
  5. Clean the switch if there is any sawdust and replace the switch contacts if they’re fried.
  6. Check the condition of the motor brushes by unfastening the brush caps and pulling out the motor brushes.
  7. If the motor brushes are worn-out, it’s best to change them as well.